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Practitioners, researchers and policy-makers: We invite you to explore our continually developing list of practical tools and informative resources.

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Practice of Trauma-Informed Care – Integrating Trauma and Resilience
Workshop for Professionals April 2017

Practice of Trauma Informed Care – Dr. Ramona Alaggia
Video: Paradox of Trauma Informed Care
ARC Model of Trauma-Informed Care – Dr. Delphine Collin-Vézina


21 Ways to Resilience Fact Sheet – Learn how you can identify—and help  strengthen—the 21 factors associated with children’s resilience and IPV.


Resilience and Children’s Exposure to Intimate Partner Violence: A Snapshot of the Research Literature – Discover the salient points of current research in one quick read—can your work benefit?


“The lie is that it’s not going to get better”: Narratives of resilience from childhood exposure to Intimate Partner Violence – Learn from  the  experiences and insights of 12 adults exposed to IPV as children.


“Take These Broken Wings and Learn to Fly: Applying a Resilience-Informed Lens to Practice with Children Exposed to Intimate Partner Violence” – Incorporate a resilience-informed approach into your work through this in-depth review of the research literature—plus  two instructive case studies. Please contact Ramona Alaggia directly for permission to access this password-protected document.


How Resilience Reveals Itself – Intl Conference Presentation July 2016 – Overview and insights from 12 adults exposed to IPV as children.


Make Resilience Matter Symposium – Workshop for Professionals April 2016 – New research to help inform your work.