For children exposed to IPV, “escape” equals resilience

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We all love to “escape” occasionally, although many of us feel pangs of guilt about what can feel like a bit of self-indulgence.  In fact, if you Google “escapism,” you’ll find dozens of sites on “dealing with escapism” and “leaving your fantasy escapism world for reality.” The message is clear: escapism can quickly morph from fun into full-on avoidance behaviour. But for children who live in homes with intimate partner violence (IPV), escapism can mean psychological survival—and can be a critical part of the resilience process. That’s one of...

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Shining a light on resilience and children’s exposure to intimate partner violence

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12-year-old Simone was sullen and withdrawn. She and her mom had recently left Simone’s dad, whose abusive behaviour had been escalating for years. Using a strengths-based assessment, Simone’s social worker discovered that the young girl enjoyed and excelled at soccer. But in the chaos of the family break-up, Simone had stopped playing. Even though things had now settled down, she didn’t want to start again. Why is Simone and her story important to us? At Make Resilience Matter (MRM), a research initiative designed to support professionals...

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